1. DiscordTel will collect these info below. By inviting DiscordTel, you grant us permission on collecting these data. You also grant members of this server the permission to audit some of the said data (Marked with *) in #bot-log of the DiscordTel HQ server, which is a public channel.
  2. User details (ID, username, discriminator), for storage, basic functioning and debug*
  3. Guild details (ID, channel ID), for number registry* and join/leave log*
  4. Messages when calling, for performing calls
  5. Commands, for debugging (Daily*)
  6. Any @Customer Support can summon an invite and join your server whenever we deem necessary. If you believe such action is not justified, please contact me. It will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  7. The data is stored on a server owned by SunburntRock89#6617.